Freiheit Kennels, Ohio, OH, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointer, Field, Obedience, Show, Companion, Anne Cullen-Tormey

Puppies ~ Maynard x Roma - Whelped October 3, 2010

Photos taken 11-24-2010, puppies at 8 weeks.
Apollo Apollo Apollo

Male "Apollo"

India GSP India GSP

Female "India"

Olivia Olivia
Olivia, Roma x Maynard, AKC Pointers, puppies, puppy

Female "Olivia"

Olivia lives in PA with owner
Corinne Miklos

She has 4 points already!

Olivia - English Pointer, pointer, AKC

Othello Othello Othello
Male "Othello"
Barrett - Pointer puppy Barrett - Pointer puppy Barrett - Pointer puppy
Male "Barrett"
Christmas Puppy Party before they are on to their new homes

10-23-10 Roma nursing the puppies at 3 weeks old
Roma, pointer puppies   Roma, puppy, puppies Roma Maynard pups 3 weeks old

Newborn puppies! All black and white. Two girls and three boys.

Pedigree information ~ Maynard x Roma