Freiheit Kennels, Ohio, OH, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointer, Field, Obedience, Show, Companion, Anne Cullen-Tormey

Puppies ~ Maynard x Roma


Some recent photos of Maynard
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  • Maynard Best of Winners
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Some recent photos of Roma
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  • Roma 12-14-2008 Medina
  • Roma Bos-bow 05-13-07
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Pedigree ~ Maynard x Roma


October 3, 2010





CH Alydar American Made


Ch. Coralwood's Great Am Ballpark
BIS CH Oncore C'Wood Sticks Like Glue
CH Coralwood's The House
That Ruth Built


CH Alydar's Can't
Buy Me Love, JH

CH PNR Please Please Me, JH
CH Alydar's Fatal Attraction


Ch. Paladen's Moasic of Clearsky
SR31560605 (02-10) OFA37E OFA37E ORG & WH

Ch.Paladen Winchester of Fleetwing
SN74540302 (07-03) OFA26G OFA265 BLK & WH AKC DNA #V546657
Ch. Paladen's Best From the West
SN44789703 (08-00) BLK & WH
Ch. Taunton Bay For Amber Waves
SN44971606 (08-00) OFA32E ORG & WH

Ch. Paladen's Bird on a Wire
SN67274907 (11-02) OFA30E ORG & WH

Ch. Galema Harvester JH
SN03754701 (12-93) OFA29F ORG & WH (UKG) AKC DNA #V114676
Ch. Paladen's Best Medicine
SN44789708 (11-99) OFA25G ORG & WH

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