Freiheit Kennels, Ohio, OH, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointer, Field, Obedience, Show, Companion, Anne Cullen-Tormey

Pedigree ~ Roma

Ch. Paladen's Moasic of Clearsky
SR31560605 (02-10) OFA37E OFA37E ORG & WH

Ch.Paladen Winchester of Fleetwing
SN74540302 (07-03) OFA26G OFA265 BLK & WH AKC DNA #V546657
Ch. Paladen's Best From the West
SN44789703 (08-00) BLK & WH
Ch. Taunton Bay For Amber Waves
SN44971606 (08-00) OFA32E ORG & WH

Ch. Paladen's Bird on a Wire
SN67274907 (11-02) OFA30E ORG & WH

Ch. Galema Harvester JH
SN03754701 (12-93) OFA29F ORG & WH (UKG) AKC DNA #V114676
Ch. Paladen's Best Medicine
SN44789708 (11-99) OFA25G ORG & WH
Photos of Roma
  • Roma 02-09-08
  • Roma 12-14-2008 Medina
  • Roma Bos-bow 05-13-07
  • Roma-movement
  • Roma
  • Roma2