Freiheit Kennels, Ohio, OH, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointer, Field, Obedience, Show, Companion, Anne Cullen-Tormey

Freiheit Kennels - Est. 1983 ~ German Shorthaired Pointers & Pointers

1 weekend, 3 New Champions!

"Celine", GSP
Ch Robin Crest Coldwater Winning Colors
Handled by Cindy Long

"Windsor", Pointer
Ch Freiheit Paladen High Seas Mystery
Handled by Cindy Long
(Chatter x Drew)

"Nigel", Pointer
Ch Freiheit Paladen Sweet Sea Lion
Handled by Cindy Long
(Chatter x Drew)

...Plus, a few weeks earlier, India finished with a 3 pt Major!
"India", Pointer
Ch Freiheit Paladen Wild Kashmir

Freiheit in German translates in English : FREEDOM....the capacity to exercise choice, free will; originality of style.....boldness, a liberty.

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) and the Pointer display a freedom of movement, a boldness in their reach and drive, and the capacity to exercise a free spirit, and form of style and grace.

Freiheit Kennel, Chagrin Falls, northeast Ohio, The Freiheit Kennel name began with my German Shorthaired Pointers in the '80's. Freiheit is not a commercial Kennel but my passionate endeavor to be a responsible steward for the GSP, Pointer and any dog in need!! I am a small breeder on a limited basis and have puppies occasionally.

Our German Shorthaired Pointers and Pointer puppies and adults are from quality American and Import pedigrees. My mentor and dear friend, Karen Detterich, Paladen GSP's & Pointers, has influenced the direction of my journey in this wonderful world of the breeds. I have co-bred many champions with the Freiheit and Paladen name together proudly in a dog's registered name.

Freiheit Kennels, located in the Cleveland area of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, promotes good dog health. We believe in x-rayed hips and elbows before we breed and each dog must have OFA rating of good or better. Our dogs are all AKC American Kennel Club - registered.

Our respect and love for the role the German Shorthaired Pointer and Pointer provide in a family is primary to who Freiheit Kennel is - past, present and into the future.


Freiheit Kennel, Chagrin Falls, northeast Ohio,



Without our dogs to walk, how empty our mornings,
our evenings-our lives-would be.
~Eric Rickstad