Freiheit Kennels, Ohio, OH, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointer, Field, Obedience, Show, Companion, Anne Cullen-Tormey

Some Weimaraner's

Weimaraner, AKC, Ohio, Weim Kennel


Ch. Camelot's Can't Say We Didn't Try

Co-owned with breeder Susan Thomas

Sept. 18, 2009 ~ Angie at a Weim Specialty winning a 5 point major under Judge Col. Chase, handled beautifully by Cindy V. Long

AKC Weimaraner - Brogan -


CH. Von Luchbach's Celtic Thunder

Owners - Diane Green and Anne Cullen-Tormey. Bred by Cindy V. Long

Champion Brogan winning
Best of Breed.

Dreamer - Weimaraner, AKC, Ohio, Weim Kennel


Ch. Smokycity Daydream Believer

Bred by the late Tom Wilson, Smokycity

Dreamer finished under the late Judge Judith Goodin. Beautifully handled by Cindy V. Long

Mary, Weimaraner, AKC, Ohio, Weim Kennel


Ch. SmokyCity Hail Mary


2003 & 2004 WCA #1 Show Dog

Mary winning Breed at Westminster 2005 under Judge James Reynolds, handled with style and grace by Corinne Miklos.


Ch. SmokyCity Simpatico

2002 WCA National Specialty Winner

Handled by Cindy V. Long. Bred by Tom Wilson, SmokyCity, co-owned with Anne Cullen-Tormey

Syd,Weimaraner, AKC, Ohio, Weim Kennel

Syd, Weimaraner, AKC, Ohio, Weim Kennel


Ch. Smokycity D'Nunder Lazer Beam

Handled by the late
Robert F. Double


Anne Cullen-Tormey at Westminster Garden - Weimaraner Trophy
Annie Cullen-Tormey with Syd's Breed trophy at the Garden "99
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