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Celine x Grant Litter
Whelped April 9, 2015:

GRCH Robin Crest Coldwater WinningColors JH
"Celine" bred to "Grant"
BIS GRCH Starfield's Army Strong V Buckley JH NRD DS



Litter whelped August 3rd, 2013:
6 bitches, 5 males

Ch. Spurhund Freiheit Double Eagle JH
"Bobbie" bred to "Roy"
BISS GCH Stelor's Royalty Remembered

Our German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and adults are from quality American and Import pedigrees. My mentor and dear friend, Karen Detterich, Paladen GSP's & Pointers, has influenced the direction of my journey in this wonderful world of the breeds. I have co-bred many champions with the Freiheit and Paladen name together proudly in a dog's registered name.

Our Latest GSP Star ~ Cullen

German Shorthaired Pointer, GSP, AKC Show dog, Ohio, OH

Gr.Ch. Freiheit Spurhund Double Dare

Ch. Spurhund Double Ur Fun
co-owned with Sandy and Cliff Pembleton and live in PA

Spurhund Freiheit Double Eagle
co-owned with Sandy and Cliff Pembleton and live in PA
Ch. Paladen Freiheit Best Intent
Ch. Paladen Persuaded to Beagood
owned by Paladen Kennels
owned by Paladen Kennels
"Nick" co-owned
Ch. Paladen Freiheit Safe Passage
with Sandy and Cliff Pembleton
Ch. Freiheit's High Road to Paladen
with Sandy and Cliff Pembleton
Ch. Freiheit Crossroad To Paladen
Ch. Flowercrk Legacyk High Society

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