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Cullen ~ Our Latest Star

"Cullen"  GrCh. Freiheit Spurhund Double Dare

Cullen wins Best of Breed

Show: Sugarbush Kennel Club

Cullen starts 2010
with a Group 2 under
Judge Elizabeth Muthard.

Show: Rubber City Kennel Club

"Cullen" Ch. Freiheit Spurhund Double Dare

and this Group 4 under
Judge James White.

Expertly handled by Cindy V. Long

Show: Oakland County Kennel Club


Recent Wins

Under Judge Marianne Reder
Under Judge James White
Under Judge Chas Olvis


Cullen clowning around after becoming
New Champion

 Cullen at Canfield 2009

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Pedigree - "Cullen"  GrCh. Freiheit Spurhund Double Dare